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Myanmar Marketing Research & Development (MMRD) Co., Ltd. was established in 1992 and is the pioneer in directory publication and market research in Myanmar. We have been providing range of business data through our nationwide database, relationships with trade associations and 20,000 clients, MMRD’s knowledge on Myanmar business environment is unparalleled. We are now venturing into the logistics industry, mainly focusing on “freight transport”, to help business enterprises, International organizations and academia to engage in Myanmar logistics sector in cost-effective, time-sensitive and reliable manner.

Our Vision

The vision of Myanmar Marketing Research & Development Co, Ltd. in logistics industry is to become a customer centric "To be the best information provider for the logistics industry in Myanmar which answers the need of our clients".

Our Mission

The mission is "To continually foster up-to-date information in Myanmar logistics sector which will be appreciated by the business community, International organizations and academia. To be a comprehensive information provider in all the services associated with the logistics".

Our Objective

Despite Myanmar is geographically located in the strategic location of South-East Asia, there are still so many unexplored industries in the country. Logistics is one of the industries which remains largely undiscovered in Myanmar. Logistics contributes 12.24% of the country’s GDP. The country has a well-structured network of domestic freight transport and consignments are transported by road, rail, flight, river and coastal transport services. The country has good maritime trade routes with West and Southeast Asia. Nonetheless, the information on the rates of the domestic freight and maritime transport is still very limited. Against this backdrop, MMRD looks forward to a significant contribution in the Myanmar logistics industry by filling the current information gaps in the logistics.


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